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Hello Bud,

On behalf of the L.O.D.I. Board of Directors and the 70+ attendees at our Annual Meeting Wednesday night, I wish to sincerely thank you for your fantastic presentation! You totally captivated the audience!

With the address "It's All About the Stuff" Deliver the Product, you grabbed the essence of customer service with CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE! And those MEMORABLE experiences had better be positive and FUN! Proper focus on people, making them feel like guests and attention to details seemed like major directives for our audience. Your address could not have been better. It was another great touch that everyone's packet contained your main points, including the "WOW" factor and how you sell FUN!

Thanks so much for being the central figure in our agenda. You delivered the essence of what L.O.D.I. tries to portray in our Lodi area.


Rog Severson

River Bend Campground

I do believe that the meeting was successful. I would like to thank Bud for all his time and efforts that he and his staff gave us for the presentation. I was shocked at the number of "Seasonal Owners" and "Seasonal Renters" that attended. Personally, Tom and I were extremely pleased with Bud's presentation.



Sauk Trail Parent Teacher Association

Dear Mr. Styer,

The Sauk Trail Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) would like to thank you for donating 2 yurt certificates valued at $200 each, 2 camping certificates for 2 nights valued at $80 each and 2 camping certificates for 4 nights valued at $160 each to the Sauk Trail Valentine Carnival and Silent Auction that was held on Friday, February 6, 2009. Thanks also for bringing your staff of four to apply cool tattoos the whole night. Your booth was huge the favorite of most of the kids. I can't thank you enough for your continued support these past three years. You not only give of certificates but you also give us your time and energy on the big night.

The night was a ton of fun and a huge success with us bringing in over $13,000. The kids enjoyed the carnival and the adults enjoyed the friendly "bidding battles." The PTA is now excited to put that money to use on field trips for the kids, extended activities for the classrooms and resources for the students and staff. Thanks for making that possible.

Thanks for your very generous donation. We hope that the publicity your business was given will benefit you as well. You have big fans at Sauk Trail Elementary!!


Carol Pincombe
Silent Auction Chairperson

Smokey Hollow Day Camp

Thank you for being a part of our end of the year carnival. Without people like you, our kids would not have had the opportunity to have such a wonderful fun-filled afternoon. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

With everyone working together, we make a GREAT TEAM!


Pardeeville Elementary Carnival Committee
Tara Runaas, Heather Falkner, Kathy Baewer, Andrea Achterberg and Lisa Weatherbee

Bud Styer Media